Cristina Bravo


I was born in Alicante and I live in Menorca. I have always loved Medieval History and Archaeology….and as a result, I specialized in Medieval History. However, as I grew up both professionally and personally and got more experience, I expended my interests and that is how Roman archaeology became one of my central focuses too. This is why I am about to finish a MA in this field…

I form part of the team that excavates and researches Sa Cudia Cremada archaeological site, and I am also the coordinator at its archaeological field school. As an archaeologist, I have also worked in projects in Scotland, southern England, the Iberian Peninsula and Menorca.

Experiencing, discovering and making History approachable and enjoyable for all audiences….this is NURARQ’s main objective. Do you want to join us?

Irene Riudavets


I have always been very passionate about the Archaeology of Menorca, the place where I was born. This is why I was trained as an archaeologist by studying a BA in History and a MA in Ancient History. I currently codirect the excavation project at Sa Cudia Cremada’s taula enclosure. During the past 10 years I have increased my experience by participating in several archaeological digs in Menorca, Mallorca and Egypt.

Due to the interest that many people have for Ancient cultures, one of my main objectives is to approach Menorca’s Talayotic Culture to all audiences. I this way, during the past few years I have carried out several tasks related to the dissemination of our heritage to both children and those who have already grown up…