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Amics de Torralba

Amics de Torralba (Friends of Torralba) is the cultural association in charge of conducting archaeological research in this Talayotic site. Its main actions focus on the scientific study of the site and the implementation of activities that everybody can join, such as annual Door’s Open Days to let people know about the updates from the excavations.

The association is led by the co-directors of the archaeological excavations:

President: Cristina Bravo
Secretary: Irene Riudavets
Treasurer: Gerard Remolins

And has a group of collaborators whose support is essential to the project.

In 2018 the association started a new archaeological research project, which is ongoing, focused on the excavation of the surroundings of the taula sanctuary. During the first excavation season a stretch of a modern dry stone wall was removed, since it was located just before the sanctuary’s façade, blocking the complete view of it and making impossible to some people to access it. Moreover, we excavated the archaeological deposits situated right outside the façade, which allowed us to locate several in-situ elements right outside the entrance, such as a pavement, a hearth and a monolith.

At the end of 2019 we conducted the second excavation season in the outside of the façade of the taula enclosure. The excavation focused on the two silos located at both sides of the façade. Both would have been used to collect rainwater and were presumably abandoned at the end of the Talayotic period, as the materials found inside both of them indicate.