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NEW IN 2020!!

Astronomical experience in the Taula of Torralba

Picture: Antoni Cladera (@Photopills)

Did you know that since 2019 Menorca is a Starlight Reserve and Touristic Destination for the high quality of its night sky?

In this night activity we will look up to the sky to see its stars and constellations…and to learn about them from a unique space: the prehistoric “taula” sanctuary of Torralba.

From this monument which is unique in the world, you will discover the amazing world of Astronomy, learn and identify the main constellations that can be seen nowadays in summertime in the Northern Hemisphere. And we will also explain you the Ancient myths that gave the name to all these constellations. Also, you will discover how prehistoric communities perceived the sky more than 2,500 years ago and which constellations they could see in that period in a place like Torralba…An activity that combines two passionate worlds: Astronomy and archaeology, addressed to all publics. Don’t miss it out!!

Note: this activity is led by the two archaeologists in charge of the management and the archaeological research at Torralba, who are also accredited astronomical guides by Starlight Foundation.

Dates and times:

July 20th at 9:30PM


August 13th at 10:00PM – PERSEIDS SPECIAL

August 17th at 9:30PM

August 18th at 9:30PM


September 14th at 9:00PM


Duration: 1,5 hours
Language: Spanish.
Note: if you are a group of a minimum of 10 people, we can also do it in English.

Buy Tickets
Buy the tickets by email:, by phone: 660277454/655424436 or at the booth at the entrance to the site. In phone and and email reservations by email and by phone, the payment of the tickets will be made in the same deposit, before the beginning of the visit.
Ticket price:
(VAT 21% included)


Astronomical experience in the Taula of Torralba
Language: Spanish