We are the directors of an archaeological research project at the archaeological site of Sa Cudia Cremada, a Talayotic settlement located in Mahón. In 2015 we began the excavation of a building of which only part of its outer wall could be seen. Even though not all of it was exposed, its horseshoe shape made us think about the possibility of it being a taula sanctuary. During the first excavation season we confirmed that it was such a monument since…we found its taula! Now that we have finished its excavation (at least inside the building), in future fieldwork seasons we will excavate the area outside the sanctuary to keep finding more information about this central area of the settlement.

We invite you to take a walk with us around Sa Cudia Cremada, a site located within an estate that is home to a large number of significant spots, including ethnological elements, the house and its beautiful garden. After discovering them and watch the most outstanding prehistoric remains from the Talayotic settlement, we will take you to the excavation area where the taula sanctuary stands, so that you learn about all the details of our project, everything about this type of monuments (which are unique in the world!) and learn about the way we archaeologists work in the field.

The money collected from this activity will be entirely allocated towards the funding of the excavations at this site and the rest of the tasks which are not carried out in the field (laboratory work, specialized studies, report writing, etc.), so that we can ensure that the project will continue for years.


(we offer this visits in)



On request during the annual excavation campaigns (consult dates).



1 to 2 people


3 to 4 people


5 to 6 people


7 to 10 people

The price includes:

One of the director-archaeologists leading the project
Civil liability insurance
Archaeological site ticket

The Price DOES NOT include:

Transportation to/from the archaeological site
Anything which is not mentioned in the “The price includes” section



If you have doubts about which site to choose, here we explain a little about each one.


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