This is Irene and Cristina, and together we lead NURARQ: an archaeology and cultural management company which we founded in 2016. Since we are freelance archaeologists with the energy to start new projects up, that year we decided to join forces to create our own company with the aim of offering high-quality activities to show Menorca’s archaeological heritage among locals and visitors.

The year before we already started to work together in an ongoing research project: the archaeological excavation of a taula sanctuary, the one at the Talayotic settlement of Sa Cudia Cremada (Mahón). As archaeologists, one of the main things we do is to research so that we can get more information about the past inhabitants of Menorca. Besides directing the excavations in this project, we have also directed the excavations at the Talayotic site of Torralba (2018-2021) alongside archaeologist Gerard Remolins, where we intervened outside the façade of the taula sanctuary. There, we also started studying its big talayot and recovered a rock-cut tomb. We have also studied together a Roman site in Mongofre, Mahón (2017), where we located remains from the period of the conquest of the Balearic Islands.

But, besides researching, we wanted to design a project to explain all the knowledge we obtain through our excavations. And this is how in 2016 we started to offer experiences on the island, some of which were pioneering! Living-history tours called “A journey to the Talayotic Past”, Roman wine tastings, historical monologues and night guided tours were some of them. The following year, we embarked on a bigger project where we could unite all what we were doing: researching and disseminating. This is how we started managing the Talayotic settlement of Torralba d’en Salort, and during 5 years we have successfully developed both aspects there.

Once this period is over and readapting our activities, in 2022 we launch a new life for NURARQ with a set of experiences that we have prepared with lots of care, so that once in Menorca, you don’t only discover its wonderful beaches, but also get amazed by its amazing archaeological heritage (Talayotic Menorca) and its night sky in a unique, thrilling and even magical way and without losing the scientific accuracy. At the end of 2022 we were awarded with the brand “Menorca: Biosphere Reserve”, forming part of a group of other local companies and institutions which share this distinction for our commitment to preserve and respect the natural and cultural values of the island. Find our profile here.

Moreover, in 2019 we both got trained as astronomy instructors by the Starlight Foundation. And since that year we have been offering experiences about the night sky, in which we combine the stellar exploration with Archaeology.

Starlight Reserve, Reserve of the Biosphere, UNESCO World Heritage nominated… As you see, Menorca is much more than a sunny spot with a bunch of beaches, and we can show you all its secrets… Are you up for it?

Cristina Bravo

Archaeologist specialized in Antiquity. Even though my first steps in Archaeology go back to my times as a student in Scotland, where I specialized in the Medieval period, later on, when I came back to the Mediterranean, I started to focus my interests in the Classical period, and that is why I ended up studying a master’s degree in Ancient Mediterranean with the specialization in the Graeco-Roman world. My main research focuses in Menorca are the Late Talayotic period and the Romanization of the island. 


Besides researching, I love teaching and disseminating through activities that help all kinds of audiences to learn and enjoy about History and Archaeology. In this way, I have taught in summer archaeology schools and conducted lots of guided visits for both general and specialized audiences, and I have also taken groups in archaeological trips to Italy. 

Nowadays, besides being CEO at NURARQ, I codirect the excavations in the taula enclosure of Sa Cudia Cremada. And, as a freelance archaeologist, I work in rescue archaeology projects for several clients and collaborate in Museu de Menorca in guided visits and educational activities for schools.

Irene Riudavets

Archaeologist specialised in Talayotic period and Ancient Egypt, and astronomy amateur. I graduated in History from the University of Barcelona and completed my specialization in Egyptology. For my master’s dissertation, I pull together the two cultures I am passionate about: the Egyptian and Talayotic Menorca…How? By studying Imhotep: the Egyptian god statuette that was discovered in an Iron Age sanctuary in Menorca!


Once I finished my studies, besides being a member of the research team that excavates in the Egyptian site of Oxhyrhynchus, I am focusing my research in taula enclosures, the exclusive monuments of the island that arise the interests of so much people. This is why I am currently doing my PhD about this topic, and also codirect a research project in the taula enclosure of Sa Cudia Cremada. 


I am one of NURARQ’s CEOs and also work as a freelance archaeologist in rescue archaeology projects and different tasks related to Talayotic Menorca.

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